There is a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday's at 11AM.

Anyone who would like prayer or to spend time with others praying for our community and the world are welcome.

Pray Without Ceasing...

...for Jeff Call as he undergoes medical tests;
...for Bob Thomas, who broke his wrist;
...for Richard Turner who is recovering from surgery;
...for the Newman family following Renie Newman's passing on June 1st. A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, July 15th at 10am at BPC;
...for Martha Thomas who had knee surgery;
...for Sarah Rogers who is in hospice care;
...for J.B. Jones' family following his passing;
...for Billy Evan and family whose father, Bill, passed away;
...for Bob Stuart who fell and fractured his leg;
...for Karen Watson as she continues to heal;
...for the Koball family following the passing of Walter;
...for Juan Espinoza's father who is dealing with health concerns;
...for Rosalyn Lester and her family, following the passing of her husband, Ned;
...for Nancy Alexander whose brother-in-law, Charley, passed away;
...for Sandy Schlaudecker whose father, Perry Power, passed away;
...for Doug, a great friend of Elva Miller's daughter Andrea;
...for Judy Davis' friend, Janice Bowers, who had a stroke;
...for Nancy Ann Williams who is dealing with health concerns;
...for missionaries who serve God's people amid dangerous times;
...for Sherry and Randy Ingham's two-year-old granddaughter, Emily Schroepfer, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy;

Continue to be in prayer for Sally Alderson and the Hendricks family, the Shoulders family, the Amos family, the Blanton family, George Lough, Keirsten Deater-Deckard, Linda Smith, Edith Stockton, Rosa Linkous, Ted Ake, Bob and Donna Stalcup, Karen Watson, Marcia Cowley, Sandy Schlaudecker, Mark Rakes, Gary Dingus, David Doherty, Anne Grover, Don MacKinder, Joann Boles, Eleanor Lau, Joan Munford, Kathleen Wampler, Margaret Dawson, Carolyn White.

A Prayer for Bangladesh

O God of compassion, we pray for Hurjahan, a Muslim grandmother in rural northwestern Bangladesh, whose daughter died of leukemia three weeks ago, leaving a school-age son.  Now, in the midst of grief, Hurjahan has suffered a flare-up of her longstanding rheumatoid arthritis, which has left her weak and with a gnawing pain in her left hip.  Lord, in your mercy, comfort this woman in her loss and relieve her mental, physical and spiritual anguish, that she may in turn comfort and care for her grieving grandson.  We pray in the name of the One who knows the world’s suffering and gave his life for its healing.  Amen.

If you would like to ask your BPC family to hold you in prayer, call the church office or send information to: