Current Exhibit

September 2017 - November 2017
Robert Hendricks
Collection from the Reformation

Art Forum: 9/24/17

Photographs of the exquisite paintings by Lucas Cranach,the Elder, are on display in Westminster Library. The photos were taken by Bob Hendricks on various trips he has taken to Germany to see where Martin Luther lived and worked and changed the world. A close friend of Luther, Cranach was considered the best painter of his era in Germany. He painted many portraits of Luther and his contemporaries as well as religious and secular pieces. 

Upcoming Exhibits

December 2017 - February 2017
Quilters and Knitters
Collection from multiple artists

Quilters and knitters meet regularly at Blacksburg Presbyterian Church and you will get a chance to see some of their fine work this winter. 

The Ruth White Fisher Endowment for the Arts

Ruth White Fisher was a nutritionist by profession but her first love was art.  After a career in nutrition, she spent many years painting and being a leader in the art scene in the Blacksburg area. In 1961 she established the Palette Art Gallery, which was a self-supporting cooperative gallery for many years.  Ruth was a charter member of the Blacksburg Regional Art Association and the Palette Art Gallery Association.

Ruth and her husband were members of the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church from 1936 until their deaths.Ruth served as teacher of the college age Sunday school class, chairman of dinners, circle chairman and vice-president of the Women of the Church.  She was given a life membership in the Women of the Church in 1977.

At the time of her death in 1984, then pastor George Telford encouraged her husband to establish an endowment fund for the arts in her name. This fund has allowed BPC to commission two major works of art for the building and to pay for worship banners, the chancel stained glass windows, and other pieces.  The fund was also used to bring Catherine Kapikian of Wesley Seminary in Washington D.C. to Blacksburg in 2007 to guide us in making the building a more worshipful and dynamic space.  We continue to use the proceeds from this endowment to enrich the experiences of the BPC family. 

The endowment is responsible for some of the beautiful art work throughout the church including....(list of pieces by name). It was also used to commission the Nativity sculptures by Larry Bechtel.