Music has a central place in the worship and educational life of BPC. In the words of Augustine, those who sing "pray twice." From the simplest response or hymn to the most elaborate choral or organ offering, we offer praise and rejoice in God our Creator, Christ, and Comforter.

BPC uses the most recent PC(USA) hymnal, as well as licensed inserts of global music and newer spiritual songs. Printed rather than projected hymns allow worshipers to sing parts, and see at a glance the names of both the poet and composer for each hymn. In this way we honor those who have "prayed twice" before us, and modern musicians and poets who are creating new songs for our time.


Sanctuary Choir                         Handbell Ringers

The Handbell Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00. High school, college and beyond are invited to join

The Adult Choir is the principal Sunday morning worship choir. Made up of volunteers, the choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from 7:00–8:30 p.m. from mid-August until the end of May.

BMC rehearsing

BMC rehearsing

Music for the Community

Our church is a favorite performance venue for local artists and ensembles. It offers a 500-seat sanctuary with acoustics that are very favorable to music-making. The Master Chorale rehearses at BPC every Tuesday evening, and offers concerts during the year at varied locations.

The Arts at BPC

A subcommittee of the Worship Ministry, the Arts Ministry was formed in 2008 to honor God's Word and human creativity, and inspire the congregation through many forms of visual liturgy and art.

Exhibits in Westminster Hall

With a plethora of exquisite artists in the church and community BPC is dedicated to celebrate and showcase these artists' creations. The north end of Westminster has been dedicated to exhibit paintings, watercolors, drawings, paperwork, fabric art sculpture and countless other forms of art that reveal the creativity inherent in being made in God's image. Exhibits rotate quarterly. Click here for more information.