There is a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday's at 11AM.

Anyone who would like prayer or to spend time with others praying for our community and the world are welcome.

Pray Without Ceasing...

...for Luke Phillips who is being deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months in the next week;

...for Shalini Perumpra, who’s mother passed away last Sunday. John and Shalini were with her mother in India;

...for Sarah Windes who is recovering from surgery;

...for Doug Grathjen, Linda Dickerson’s husband, who is home recovering from a vascular event;

...for Renee Jacobsen and her family, who’s mother passed away;

...for Carolyn White, who is on hospice care;

...for David Doherty as he deals with pneumonia and other health issues;

...for Beth and Rodger Mattson’s grandson, Oliver Gillispie (age 6) who is being treated for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis;

...for Margaret Dawson’s family following her passing;

...for Bill Henika who is dealing with medical issues;

...for Sharon Watkins and her extended family upon the death of Shirley Cromer Brown, their mother and grandmother at age 99;

...for Janice Woodard’s family following her passing on March 24;

...for Karen Watson’s sister and brother-in-law who have been given temporary custody of their 10-week old granddaughter and one and a half year old grandson;

...for Virginia and Dick Bethune as Dick is in full time medical care;

...for Ranae Lahn who is dealing with difficult health issues;

...for missionaries who serve God's people amid dangerous times;

Continue to be in prayer for Alfred Howery, Ted Ake, Marcia Cowley, Mark Rakes, Anne Grover, and Joan Munford.

If you would like to ask your BPC family to hold you in prayer, call the church office or send information to: