There is a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday's at 11AM.

Anyone who would like prayer or to spend time with others praying for our community and the world are welcome.

Pray Without Ceasing...

...for Sandy Schlaudecker’s Aunt Jeanne who is in the hospital in TX recovering from tough surgery;

...for Mike Harvey as he has his second eye surgery;

...for Heidi Anne Mesmer’s mom who is recovering from surgery;

...for a friend of Melody Zobel’s, who is battling Parkinson’s and Lewy Body dementia and for another friend facing intense marital decisions;

...for Melody Zobel’s cousin who is in treatment for a severe heart condition and for Melody’s sister who is facing reconstructive surgery following removal of a facial melanoma;

...for John Dillard who is recovering from knee surgery;

…for Sharon Watkins and family, following the passing of her husband Tom Watkins;

...for Edith Stockton’s family following her passing;

...for Ranae Lahn who is dealing with difficult health issues;

...for Larry Wright, husband of Anne Wright and father of Marcia Wright and Allison Kruckow, who is in treatment for cancer;

...for BPC during this season of transition;

...for missionaries who serve God's people amid dangerous times;

Continue to be in prayer for Alfred Howery, Linda Frazier, Ann Saacke, Ted Ake, Marcia Cowley, Mark Rakes, David Doherty, Anne Grover, Joan Munford, Margaret Dawson, Carolyn White, and Janice Woodard.

A Prayer for Bangladesh (February 11, 2019)

Gracious God, we pray for the 41 new students – 32 young women and 9 young men – at the Christian Mission Hospital Nursing Institute in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, who have just begun three years of intensive academic and practical training that will earn them each a Diploma in Nursing, recognized by hospitals and clinics nationwide.  We pray especially for the students’ health: on their entry physical examinations, all but two were found to be anemic; and 16 are malnourished, five severely so.  O Lord, during their time at the nursing school, help these students, many of whom come from poor families, to gain good health, even as they learn to care for the health of others, we pray in the name of Christ, our Help and Redeemer.  Amen. 


Written by Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Mission Co-Workers in Bangladesh

If you would like to ask your BPC family to hold you in prayer, call the church office or send information to: