September 11, 2019

The REUNIR Project

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BPC has received a box of bracelets to distribute from the First Presbyterian Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin. BPC’s Peace, Justice, and Global Mission Team (PJGM) will have them available in the Gathering Space starting this Sunday, September 15.

FPC in Marshfield’s Immigration Action Team created the REUNIR project in concern for the children and parents separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. REUNIR means to “bring together,” which is both a Christian and humanitarian aim.

The purpose of the bracelets is multi-fold:
1. To keep awareness focused on this human tragedy, which truly transcends politics.
2. To promote dialogue and engagement between people about the current state of family separation policies and the short-and-long term devastation.
3. To encourage advocacy for national policy changes to reunite families, and to resist policies that create this separation in the future.
4. To encourage financial support of the organizations who are working toward reunification of families, and for long term policy changes.

The bracelets feature a Spanish word and broken hearts to reflect the emotion of the current situation. They are given out free of charge to increase awareness and begin conversations. The information card that comes along with each bracelet provides suggested action steps including:
- Wearing the bracelet until immigrant children are reunited with families.
- Contacting government representatives to advocate for specific policy changes.
- Donating to specific organizations who are doing advocacy work at the border.

The project’s intention is to build a community of support and advocacy. There is a Facebook page where people can share: where they live (on our interactive map), what kind of dialogue has come from wearing their bracelet, and any action steps they have taken (letter writing, phone calls, financial contribution, volunteer activities). Please “like,” “follow” and share your engagement.

Donate to Advocates:
KIND – Kids in Need of Defense
ACLU – Texas Immigrant Rights Foundation
Annunciation House – El Paso
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance – Unaccompanied Children

Find Your Representatives

Scripture Readings for September 15, 2019
14th Sunday after Pentecost
Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28
Psalm 14
1 Timothy 1:12-17
Luke 15:1-10