May 8, 2019

The BPC Endowment Committee is responsible for managing Blacksburg Presbyterian Church's endowment by overseeing its investments and establishing policies about how the resulting interest income should be spent each year.  In conjunction with the Endowment Committee, a separate Manna Team is convened each spring to represent the congregation in discerning how to distribute the current year’s available endowment income.  The Manna Team allocates some funds to existing ministry partners on an annual basis, in order to provide support for initiatives that have traditionally been important to BPC.  Most of the available funds, however, are allocated to funding new three-year projects, for which groups of congregational members and the organizations for whom the funds are intended may submit proposals.  These three-year projects are intended to reflect the original intent and philosophy of the General Endowment – to support significant new longer-term efforts that seek to share Christ’s love with the broader community around us.

Previous recipients of three-year grants include BPC’s Malawi Committee, to support tuition and fees for OB/GYN student Griffin Sombani, Access to Community College Education (ACCE) in Montgomery County, to help make community college education affordable for students in our area, and Sojourn Center, to provide support for a fund-raising campaign to build a hospice house on recently donated land near Warm Hearth.

Chris Zobel, the chair of the Endowment Committee (, will be very glad to answer any questions about this year's proposal requirements or about the review process.

Scripture Readings for May 12, 2019
1st Sunday in our Season of Creation
Finding God in the World: Dirt
Genesis 2:4b-22
Luke 8:4-8, 11-15