May 1, 2019


Beginning this Sunday, BPC will be observing a Season of Creation in worship for the first 3 Sundays of May.  This is the fifth year that we have observed a Season of Creation. During this time, we depart from the standard lectionary, choosing Earth Care themes and related Scripture passages.  The planning for this Season is done by a couple members of the Creation Care Team, one or two members of Worship Ministry, and the worship and music staff.  You may have heard that this year, for one Sunday, we will be worshiping outside in creation on Sunday, May 19.  It takes some effort to move everything outside for Sunday morning, but this year the planning group decided we were overdue for experiencing worship in an outdoor setting after being an Earth Care Congregation for five years!   The experience of actually being in nature with all our senses while honoring, celebrating, and making new promises to protect creation cannot be replicated inside a sanctuary.  We chose this particular Sunday for our outdoor service because there was an  end-of-the-year picnic already planned for that day, so we thought it would be good to put them together into one outdoor event!  There will be more details to come on this, as we get closer to May 19. 

Our theme this year is Finding God in the World: Water, Dirt and Air.  Our initial inspiration for this theme came from a book by Diana Butler Bass: Grounded: Finding God in the World - A Spiritual Revolution.  In this book, she addresses the ways that God is present in the things of earth, such as water, soil and air, and shows that how we envision God in the world affects how we treat those things.  Each week, we will focus on an important element in the world where we find God: May 5 - Water; May 12 - Dirt; and May 19 - Air.  There will be sensory materials to reinforce these things - visuals, sound, and things to touch if you wish.  In addition, as we have in previous years, we will provide some ideas for ways to protect water, dirt and air, so that we can act on our commitment to love and protect God’s good earth.  

This coming Sunday we think about finding God in the world through water.  Dave Cozad will be preaching.  May 12, Dave will be out of town, and Sarah Windes will be giving the sermon, with the theme being dirt.  Please join us!

Sarah Windes, Chair of Creation Care Team

Scripture Readings for May 5, 2019
1st Sunday in our Season of Creation
Finding God in the World: Water
Genesis 1:1-2, 6-7, 9-10
Genesis 7:11-12, 17-19
Psalm 104:10-16
Rev. 22:1-2