March 27, 2019

BPC has supported Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan in their work in Bangladesh as Mission Co-workers through the Presbyterian Mission Agency for many years. This week they sent out their last “Prayer for Bangladesh,” which they have sent weekly to their partners since 2009. Below is a note from Les Morgan about what they expect in the coming weeks and months.  Please keep The Morgan's in your prayers as they prepare to leave the place they have called home for 30 years and transition back to life in the States.

Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan

Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan

A Note from Drs. Les and Cindy Morgan, Mission Co-workers in Bangladesh:

"Next week we will begin preparing for our permanent departure from Bangladesh on June 21st, thirty years after our initial commissioning to serve here as missionaries.  Back in the U.S., we will continue serving through December to complete our final responsibilities as mission co-workers of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). We are deeply grateful for your having joined us in this ministry of intercession and thanksgiving. Your participation has helped us open our hearts to those to whom we minister and given us strength to persevere in the proclamation of God’s promised hope of healing. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."

A Prayer for Bangladesh (March 25, 2019)

O God of compassion and mercy, we thank you for having helped us see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel, and love whom you love, in the slums, on the sidewalks, in the railway stations, in the hospital beds, and in the villages of Bangladesh.  We thank you for leading us…

To Rifat, a severely malnourished 3-year-old boy with a cleft lip and palate, in a Dhaka slum;

To Fatima, a fatherless, homeless 8-year-old girl abused on the streets at night by men and boys;

To Lassel, a 9-year-old crippled boy crawling on his knees to beg on busy city sidewalks;

To Miraj, a 12-year-old boy surviving alone on the streets of Dhaka since age six;

To Jesmine, a garment factory worker since age 11, who was given in marriage at age 14;

To Bilkis, a woman struck in the face by the father of her three children;

To Ramjan Ali, a father pulling a rickshaw in the city so that his daughters can go to school in his village;

To Rony, an addict living on the street who entered and successfully completed a recovery program;

To Sokhina, a young mother who almost gave up hope after a ruptured appendix then weeks in a hospital, but who recovered and went home to her children;

To Champa, a second-grader paralyzed in her legs after chicken pox, but who recovered and was able to walk and run again;

And to the many others for whom we have prayed together during the past ten years.

Lord, we thank you for giving us this opportunity to look beyond ourselves and open our hearts, in faith, to others.  For in doing so, we have glimpsed the depth of your love, the immensity of your grace, and the joy in heaven when your children turn their gaze towards you.  We offer this, our Prayer for Bangladesh, in the name of Christ Jesus, the Hope and Savior of the world.  Amen.

Scripture Readings for March 31, 2019
Fourth Sunday of Lent
Joshua 5:9-12
Psalm 32
2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32