January 16, 2019

Every year BPC hosts a week of To Our House by opening our building and providing a place to sleep, meals, and acceptance of the men (and for the first-time women) in the NRV who would otherwise be out in the cold. This year we are hosting February 2-9.

The mission of To Our House is providing thermal shelter and compassionate care to homeless men and women in the New River Valley, and to make available any resources that could help them reintegrate into society.

Homelessness looks very different in the New River Valley than it does in more urban areas. Individuals in our area who find themselves without housing often include those experiencing long-term unemployment due to the economy, facing foreclosure or eviction, or awaiting approval for government homeless-intervention programs or disability determination. Persons in our area who have no permanent home are generally less visible because they may temporarily live in motels or with friends. Many of the guests who have found shelter through TOH have previously lived in the woods, caves, storm culverts, a friend’s pickup truck, or a cardboard box.

Through the mission of TOH 85 guests have found more permanent housing and 63 guests have found employment. You see, To Our House is not just about providing a night of warmth but about building relationships with the guests to help them provide many nights of warmth for themselves.

We cannot host To Our House without the generosity of our faith community here at BPC in both time and resources. We need several volunteers each day to devote their time and lots of food to be donated. Please take a minute to see how you can participate in changing the lives of these men and women.

Signup on Sunday in the Gathering Space or you can sign up through the website at blacksburgpres.org/toourhouse.

Scripture Readings for January 20, 2019
2nd Sunday After Epiphany
Isaiah 62:1-5
Psalm 36:5-10
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
John 2:1-11