April 25th, 2018

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. For churches, the sanctuary probably fills that place, but the kitchen is a close second. The kitchen at BPC is used almost every day year round. Staff use the fridge, sink and ice maker. Head Start makes lunches, sterilizes dishes and sends toothbrushes through the commercial dishwasher. Some Master Chorale members know the kitchen’s eccentricities as well as we do. Presbyterian Women, the Youth Group, the Boy Scouts, and countless others arrange plates on the counter tops and warm dishes in the ovens for banquets and receptions.

When the church was renovated in 2007-8, the kitchen was painted but otherwise untouched. It is overdue for a serious update, and, happily, the time has arrived. A team of folks led by Suzanne Sanford has been hard at work for over a year, in partnership with Buildings and Grounds. A gift dedicated to a kitchen overhaul is covering the cost of work that’s now set to begin June 11th. Here’s some of what to expect:

·      New ranges (one of our current ranges works only intermittently)

·      New cabinets

·      New counter-tops

·      In addition to the current commercial dishwasher, a fast-cycle residential model

·      A slightly shorter center island, allowing for better traffic flow

·      Designated space for recycling containers and rolling carts

·      A double sink that fits large pans to replace the triple sink; the small sink stays

·      Under-counter lighting

·      Reconfigured closet shelving

·      A mobile cabinet in the Gathering Space for coffee service items

The finishes are still being decided, but the basic palette is warm gray with a clean, sleek look. The flooring and basic layout will be much the same. The mobile cabinet in the Gathering Space will match the oak trim there.

All the kitchen contents will be moved to tables at the far end of Fellowship Hall, on June 8, the day after VBS concludes—helpers are always welcome! Construction starts June 11, and should take about a month. Meanwhile, be sure to talk with others about the redo—and discover just how many people have been involved and deserve thanks.

Peace, Catherine

Scripture Readings:
Acts 8:26-40
Psalm 22:25-31
1 John 4:7-21
John 15:1-8