September 27th, 2017


Peace Making and Global Witness Offering

On Oct 1st the Peace Making and Global Witness offering will be taken during the worship service. While BPC supports mission work in other ways, this special offering will go to support the PC (USA) World Mission Agency. The church supports over 130 mission co-workers in 70 countries. These partners-in-mission are involved with local national churches in many ministries that bring God’s love to a hurting world. Theological college professors, doctors, nurses, agriculturalists, communication specialists, nutritionists, elementary and high school curriculum developers, computer technicians, and more. The PC (USA) responds, as it is able, to requests from foreign national churches for people with skills to help these churches in their outreach and ministries.
The Offering also supports the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program that works in countries and cultures in conflict. For example, South Sudan, the newest country in the world, is torn with bloody inter-tribal conflict that has produced over a million internally and externally displaced refugees, most of which are women and children. In partnership with the Church of South Sudan and other religious bodies the PC(USA) co-workers, Rev.s Shelvis and Nancy Smith-Mather hold reconciliation workshops with opposing tribal leaders toward peaceful settlement of local and national conflicts.
Finally, 25% of the offering received on Oct 1st will go toward local programs promoting peace and reconciliation in our local area. The youth of BPC are asked to seek out which local non-profit they think supports the mission of Peacemaking in the NRV.
Please give generously, on Sunday Oct. 1, to this special offering designated specifically for Peacemaking and Global Mission of the PC(USA).

Scott Smith

Scripture Readings: Exodus 17:1-7; Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16; Philippians 2:1-13; Matthew 21:23-32.