May 24th, 2017

Do you know about all the work that BPC supports through your contributions? This month Peace Justice and Global Mission Ministry is focusing on the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

This is how they define themselves:

“Our call is to be movers and shakers within the PC(USA) and beyond, encouraging one another to take seriously God’s call to God’s people to participate in God’s nonviolent work of love, peace, and justice in the world.”

Over the years they have helped lead the PC(USA) to take bold stances in the face of violence. By supporting nonviolent action in situations of conflict today, we follow our commitment to the Prince of Peace.

A bit of History –

  • In 1940 the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship started as a group that provided support to Conscientious Objectors to World War II
  • In the 50's PPF worked to oppose the development of nuclear weapons.
  • During the 60’s and the 70’s, members were doing draft resistance counseling and working to end the war in Vietnam.
  • In the 80s PPF was one of the founding organizations of the US-Soviet Bi-Lateral Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, leading the PC(USA) to become the first major church to endorse the proposal.
  • They were instrumental in encouraging the Presbyterian General Assembly to pass the document called “Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling, which initiated the annual Peacemaking Offering, and established the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program of the denomination.
  • In the 90's PPF work included the Jubilee 2000-Third World Debt Relief.
  • Throughout the last couple of decades, PPF has been committed to dealing with gun violence and landmines.

The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and the denominational offices in Washington are among the most important partners with this work.

To learn more about their work, go to where you will find detail on these areas of work and more, including,

  • Colombia and the Accompaniment Program
  • Israel/Palestine Conflict
  • Gun Violence
  • Becoming a Sanctuary Community

As always, PJGM would love more church members to join the ministry.

The prayer list can be found here.