October 11th, 2017

Mid Week Musing

Stewardship season is approaching, the time to give back to God for the blessings received through the church. As we think about what BPC means to us, those who are new or who come from other faith backgrounds may appreciate knowing who is leading our ministries.
BPC is led by the "Session," a group of elders you elect. The word "elder" in Greek is presbyteros, giving us Presbyterians our name. Elders are people the congregation trusts to guide the work of the church. Each spring, five elders are elected to serve for a term of three years. We refer to these groups as "classes" of elders, and stagger their terms to ensure continuity.
The elders lead BPC's ministries, sometimes alone, sometimes in pairs. Names in italics below are filling vacancies until the next election cycle. Session meets every third Sunday of the month to pray and conduct the work of the church and anyone may attend Session meetings. Session minutes and church records are kept by the Clerk of Session; meetings are led (we say "moderated") by the Pastor. Here are the current ministry teams and lead elders:

            Adult Education, Jen Stewart

            Buildings and Grounds, Brain Smith
            Children's Ministry, Heather Polikoff
            Community Ministry, Andrew Warren
            Congregational Care, the Deacons
            Endowment, Brent Opell
            Fellowship and Hospitality, Peggy Kincaid  
            Finance Steve Drumheller
            Membership, Diane Wilson
            Peace, Justice Global Mission, Melanie Smith
            Personnel, Jimmy Ritter
            Stewardship Ministry, Dave Hayes, Elva Miller
            University Ministry, Ami Jo
            Worship, Jama Hayes  
            Youth Ministry, Susan Bailey
            Clerk of Session, Jack Call

The Session hires the staff and oversees their work. Here are the people who staff BPC's ministries:
            Pastor/Head of Staff Catherine Taylor serves full time.
            Director of Communications and Church Life Kendra Crabtree serves full time.
            Director of Youth and Children's Ministries Susan Hunter serves half time.
            Office Manager Sherry Ingham serves full time.      
            Interim Music Director Amy Cowan serves ten hours a week
            Music Intern Jonathan Elmore plays piano for rehearsals and worship
            Sexton, Viola Howery, serves half time.
            Treasurer Greg Campbell serves as a part time volunteer.
            Accountant, Alice Ledford serves part time.
BPC is also blessed by the ministries of Presbyterian Women and Men of the Church, and other groups who gather for service, fellowship, learning, and support.            
God works every day through these people and ministries, touching lives with God's grace and transforming love. You are one of those through whom God works. Dedication Day when we bring our pledges forward in worship will be November 5th. Please be in prayer about your giving to BPC.
Grace and peace,