January 4th, 2017

 What is it?
Hospitality with heart!
Unconditional love
Embracing the unknown
Living the Word
Sharing a meal
Experiencing the body of Christ
The warmth and safety of a shelter
Faith in action
Personally dispelling myths about the homeless
Knowing homeless men searching for independence
Driving a van full of homeless men to BPC
Meeting a part of yourself that you didn’t know before
Lining the walls in Fellowship Hall with fourteen beds with colorful warm handmade quilts
Making a friend
Feeling God’s presence


Such a mix of experiences will be possible with To Our House here the week of January 28 to February 4!
Who might our guests be?

  • One man talked readily about his previous job that disappeared, leaving him unable to pay the rent.
  • Another man told me he couldlive with his father just so long because it was a constant battle when they were together.There was drinking and drugs, and he really didn’t want to be part of it.
  • Another man was with us for now, while he was looking for work so he could afford to get back together with his girlfriend and two-year-old son.
  • One man was a man that I see now and then with a cardboard sign, “NEED FOOD”.I stop and talk to him and remind him about food pantries, but he likes the interaction with people and gets enough food with his cardboard appeal.
  • One man was working eight hours a day for $7.50 an hour while staying with us.He couldn’t pay for rent; utilities; food; and car insurance, gas, and repairs on his $250 a week take home pay.
  • Another arrived, ate with us, and went straight to his bed to sleep.
  • Another loved western novels so much we had trouble keeping books on hand that he hadn’t read.
  • Yet another had his own laptop computer and spent his time doing homework for Community College and watching movies late into the night.

It is a diverse group who are our guests.  The men are of all ages, all educational backgrounds, and have differing assumptions and goals.  We provide a caring heart and a listening ear.  The TOH staff member is here at all times.  They do more work than you might think, counseling the men, talking about their skills and possible work opportunities, connecting them with employers, and help move many of the men into independence and permanent housing.
With To Our House the world becomes a better place.  Those of us who will volunteer this year will grow and be changed by their experience. 

Janne Mathes


Interested in more information about volunteer opportunities with To Our House? Click here and submit a form for more information. You can also watch the church bulletin for information to volunteer.

BPC is hosting To Our House January 28th - February 4th, 2017.

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 42:1-9; Psalm 29; Acts 10:34-43; Matthew 3:15-17


The prayer list can be found here.