September 21st, 2016

Many times when we come to worship our hearts are carrying baggage from the previous week. Perhaps we’ve gotten bad news, or a relative or friend is hurting. Perhaps something great has taken place that will bring a wanted change. Or we might have news we want to share, but there is no one other than God to share it with. Offering written prayers in worship meets some of these needs, and makes our corporate prayers more immediate. For some time now we have been talking about also offering private prayer after worship to anyone who needs it.
After conversation in the Worship Ministry meeting and with the elders and deacons, the Session voted to begin this practice in October. On Sunday, October 2nd—and from then on—an announcement will be made in worship that anyone who would like individual prayer may go to the Prayer Room following the service. Two people will be there to meet them, a deacon and elder, and one of them will listen and offer prayer.  The other will wait by the door to greet anyone who might be waiting.

Praying with and for the people is one of the responsibilities of elders listed in the Book of Order, and prayer is certainly part of the ministry of the newly installed deacons when they visit in people’s homes. The deacons had a training session on prayer a month ago and the elders had that same training last Sunday. Together the staff and the Worship Ministry came up with a format for brief private prayer on Sunday mornings. Anyone who wants counseling is encouraged to contact me.

There may be days when no one asks for private prayer and other days when several people do. Either way, the elders and deacons will take turns offering this ministry, and look forward to the ways God will bless them and you in prayer.

Peace, Catherine
 Scripture Readings for Sunday, Sept. 25:
Psalm 91:1-6, 14-16; Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15


The prayer list can be found here.