August 24th, 2016

For many people, the church building is like a second home. Having it be a welcoming place matters, and if something is not right, it bothers us. Fortunately, people often pitch in to clean up a spill or put a stray item in the trash. There are large numbers of people in the building on some days and the vast majority of them help keep the church in good shape. Large groups are required to hire our sexton, Viola Howery, to come in after an event to ensure that things are as they should be for the next group. Being open and sharing our beautiful building is part of our calling as a church, and things go smoothly most of the time.
To make sure that remains true, the Buildings and Grounds ministry has put a space for comments on their page on the church website. Do you have an idea for how to improve our facilities? Would you like to help out with the care of our church? Have you noticed a problem in the building, surrounding grounds, playground, or parking lot? A light bulb is burned out, a lock is broken, or you see a crack in a wall? Now you can let them know. Just go to and

  • click on Ministries up near the top. A list will drop down with Buildings and Grounds at the bottom.
  • Click there and on the right you will see “Contact the Buildings and Grounds Team” with a form underneath it where you can report and issue or share an idea.

Now that a new season of programming has begun, the building hosts groups nearly every day. That’s something to celebrate! Together we can ensure our fine facility feels like home for decades to come.
Peace, Catherine
Scripture Readings for Sunday, August 28:
Deuteronomy 6:1-9; Mark 9:33-37

The Prayer List can be found here.