June 7th. 2016

Now that our Season of Creation is past, we are starting a new Sunday series. For the next six weeks I will be preaching on Reformed worship, sharing different aspects of why we do what we do on Sunday mornings. We’ll begin this Sunday with “Why Worship?”—an overview—and then move on to confession, prayer, the sacraments, self-offering, and being sent. Don’t worry, music will be discussed under the topic of prayer, since all music in worship is offered as a prayer to God.
The series has been inspired in part by knowing that we come from so many different church backgrounds nowadays. And also by the work the elder candidates have been doing since May. They will be ordained/installed on August 21st, later than usual due to their busy summer schedules.
As part of their training the elder candidates have been reading portions of the Directory for Worship, which is a section of Part II of our Constitution, The Book of Order. The Directory does not prescribe an order of worship, with instructions about what is to be done and said. It is a description of the elements that should be present when we worship God: prayer, scripture read and proclaimed, baptism, the Lord’s Supper; self-offering; and relating to each other and the world. Each congregation is free to arrange its own order of worship as long as all the elements are present.
Re-reading this material has been very moving for me, and has reminded me that knowing why we do what we do in worship is good for the whole church. So if you’ve ever had questions about what goes on in worship and why, now is the time to learn. And if you have a particular question, send me an email so I’ll be sure to cover it. I look forward to taking a break from the Lectionary and helping us all glorify God with fresh understanding.
Peace, Catherine
Scripture Readings: Psalm 95; John 4:19-26

The prayer list can be found here.