May 18th, 2016

This coming Sunday marks the start of our Season of Creation, a three-week emphasis on Creation. The Creation Care Team initiated it last year and it received an enthusiastic response. It has been scheduled earlier this year to take place before Vacation Bible School, which will also have a creation theme. Once again we will be invited at the end of the Season of Creation to make pledges to protect the Earth. This year’s worship themes in order are

  • The Rainbow Covenant
  • Forests
  • Animals

The Rainbow Covenant is the story of God’s vow never to destroy the earth again, and we are invited to join with God in protecting creation. Such a beginning paves the way for our care for the Earth’s plants and animals.
A team of folks have been working hard on the services and have some interesting things in store. The Creation banners will be up in sanctuary. If you are not familiar with these gorgeous banners, take time to look at them closely. BPC commissioned them from Atlanta artist Ellen Phillips. They represent the first six days of the Creation. The elaborate paper cutting was done here at the church by members young and old!
I confess that I was less than enthusiastic about introducing another set season into our worship life, but last year’s marvelous services turned me into a believer. Please plan not to miss these opportunities and consider bringing a friend.
Peace, Catherine
Scripture Readings: Psalm 8; Philippians 2:4-11; Genesis 9:8-17

The Prayer List can be found here.