April 28th, 2016

Life has a way of surprising us. Our daughter Rorie fell and broke her wrist this week. Rob and I are going to be with her for surgery (plates and pins). That means I can’t be here on Sunday. Preaching and celebrating communion will be the Reverend Edwin Lacy, a PCUSA pastor from Abingdon Presbytery, and the pastor of the Wild Goose Christian Community in Floyd County. It’s part of the PCUSA’s 1001 Worshipping Communities movement.
If you haven’t heard about 1001 Worshipping Communities, you might want to google it. But you may have heard about Wild Goose. The congregation gathers on Tuesday nights for dinner and worship that is infused with music and singing. Edwin plays the banjo. I put a video on the church Facebook page about the church, so go and watch it before Sunday. He is also pastoring a house church here in Blacksburg on Thursday nights called Under the Wing. Session has agreed that in future if they need more room, Under the Wing will be welcome to meet in our building.
The Spirit was already at work in me, Edwin, our two presbyteries and the Session with regard to Under the Wing. Now my daughter’s injury makes it possible for you to meet Edwin and worship together. So once again God turns what is bad into something new and good. Please keep the Taylor Deans in your prayers this weekend as you praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Scripture Readings: Psalm 67; Mark 8:34-47

Prayer List can be found here.