November 30th, 2016

As the last month of the year on the Roman calendar, December appears to be a month of endings—end of another semester, for many the end of the fiscal year, last month for writing out “2016”. Yet December is full of new beginnings in the Church. It is the month in the Church Year when the liturgical calendar begins with the season of Advent. It is full of weddings, as families take advantage of Christmas break to gather. It is the month when finance committees sit down to determine what budgets will be for the coming year, which in turn determines the shape of ministries and programming. That’s true of us here at BPC, so if you haven’t turned in your pledge card, please do. December is also the month when those applying to college or graduate school get their applications in, applications that will determine the course of their lives for years to come.

For Emily Rhodes Hunter, the most recent seminary student to receive BPC’s care and support, it is the month for her ordination, and thus the beginning of her life-long ministry. Emily and Stuart are now settled in Alexandria, VA. Stuart has a job at the U.S. Patent Office and Emily is a chaplain with Montgomery Hospice. She will be ordained by National Capital Presbytery this Saturday at the historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, in Washington, DC, where Emily is also serving as parish associate. All of the Hunters will be there to celebrate and Rob and I are going up, too. We’ll come back that night and be here for worship on Sunday.

As you take part in whatever Advent practices you follow, think of all the new starts this season brings and add Emily and her family to your prayers.

Peace, Catherine
 Scripture Readings for Sunday, December 4, 2016: Matthew 3:1-12; Isaiah 11:1-10

The prayer list can be found here.