November 2nd, 2016

Yesterday was All Saints Day, and some of the saints in my family or who graced the pews in churches I’ve served are on my mind. It may be flimsy theology, but I like the thought of this collection of beloved people worshipping together beyond our sight, gathering with us at the communion table and keeping us in their prayers. I want them near us this week and next week as we go to the polls, if only to remind us that permanence and security come from God alone.

For the past several years we have made All Saints the main focus of Sunday worship. We aren’t doing that this year, in part because of other things competing for our attention. When we gather this week, we’ll be facing the most divisive election in most of our lifetimes. Already several people have urged me to be sure to pray for the election and do something in worship to offer us help with our worries and fears. So I’ve been combing the websites and blogs of people I admire, looking for powerful language to share. Fortunately, we’ll be taking communion, good preparation for all important choices.

Meanwhile, just seeing the paper tree in the narthex, mirroring the fall colors outside, makes me happy and calms my soul. Lots of people put their names on the tree last week, and I hope that continues until it’s bursting with leaves. It is powerful to read the names of children who were born into this congregation alongside those who have been here for decades.  This week, I’m going to urge us to add to the tree the names of those at BPC who have gone before us. We are all part of the generations of generosity that make up BPC. Seeing this community in visual form as a strong and sturdy tree is a great reminder that the body of Christ is what lasts and fills our lives with meaning.

Scripture Readings for Sunday, November 6, 2016:
Ephesians 1:11-23; Luke 6:20-31

The prayer list can be found here.