November 23rd, 2016

Thanksgiving is a feast for the senses, of the smell of wet leaves, wood smoke, a banquet baking in a nearby oven. Now that the wind hints of cold days to come, I feel energized to hang a wreath on the door, play a jazz CD, and light a pumpkin candle. The nights are growing longer, and the idea of a good sit-down with a book by the fire is enticing. Once I get a little rest accomplished, then comes the time to reflect.
The moments of reflection Thanksgiving brings are inherently individual. I feel deeply blessed to have a family, a household where some of us are far flung, but no one is ill; it will not always be so. Those of us who need a job have one. Clean water is as close as a flick of the wrist. We have an abundance of food, clothing, and shelter, and are free to rest at intervals mostly of our own choosing.
Here in Blacksburg we are surrounded by beauty—the changing colors of the season, the hills as they sparkle in the sun or with the dotted lights of evening, waterfalls that change with the rain. For the second time in my life I am living in a place of deep physical beauty. And this place is suffused with peace; I am not one of those who prays each day for the safety of a loved one in or near a combat zone.
Given a little time, I am bound to think of other things. Just writing what I have so far fills me with a sense of profound gratitude.  So I invite you to move toward Thanksgiving with similar purpose, maybe while relaxing by a fire, or as you watch the sun slant through the branches of the shedding trees. With thanks to God, now and forever, Catherine
Scripture Readings for Sunday, November 27, 2016:
Isaiah 2:1-5; Matthew 24:36-44

The prayer list can be found here.