Where should I park?

The best place to park is in the lot at the corner of Church ST and Hemlock DR. You can enter the building through the door and come up one flight of stairs. This will bring you to the Gathering Space. The Narthex (fancy word for lobby) of the Sanctuary will be in front of you through a set of double doors.

I am unable to use stairs, where should I park?

You can still park in the lot and come in through the door. Walk just past the stairs and turn left and you will see an elevator that will take you to the Gathering Space (on the first floor).

Do you offer any hearing assistance?

BPC has listening devices that can be used with headphones. They can be used in Hatcher Conference room, Westminster (library) and the Sanctuary. Feel free to use the headphones provided or bring your own! If you would like to use a hearing device during the service ask an usher and they will help you.

What should I wear?

What you wear is up to you. You will find people in suits and dresses and others in jeans. We want you to feel comfortable and like yourself!

What about my kids?

Children are encouraged to sit through the first portion of the service and take part in Sharing Faith with Children. Afterwards children up through Kindergarten are invited to go downstairs to God's Garden for a time of nurture. They will be escorted by caregivers. If you would like to escort your child there you are more than welcome to do so.

Infants up to 3 years old are welcome in the service or you may take them to the Nursery before the service begins. An usher can help you find the Nursery.  Nursery care is also available during Sunday school.

Children remaining in the service can pick up a Worship Bag on their way into the Sanctuary that will give them some activities to do during the service to help keep their attention. If you cannot locate the bags just ask an usher.  Please return bags to the bin after worship.

Who is working with the children in God's Garden and Sunday School?

The folks teaching Sunday School are members of BPC and have undergone background checks. There will be at least two adults with your children at all times. We take the safety of your children very seriously. Background checks are completed on all adults who work with children and are conducted annually.  God's Garden and Nursery caregivers are either paid staff or BPC volunteers.

I have never been to a service with liturgy before, any tips?

The word "liturgy" means "work of the people." We all lead worship together! There will be standing (indicated by an icon for those who are able), and sitting, corporate and silent prayers, singing and listening. If you get lost or aren't sure what to do, follow those around you. You'll get the hang of it in no time! Or look at the blue pamphlet in the pew, Worship Guide, to make yourself familiar with what is coming and when.