2018 Spring Adult Education Class


There will be a traditional style Sunday School class and Small Group options available for Winter 2018.

Please fill out the survey by December 17th to let us know how you plan to participate.

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Reformation Roots

January 7 - March 11th
Sundays, 9am-10am
Hatcher Conference Room

Do you ever wonder why we have so many Christian denominations and if there is really much difference between them? The answers to these questions lie in the dramatic and turbulent times of the Reformation. This high definition series brings to life the stories and struggles that still impact us today.  Each session is 20-30 minutes long and is accompanied by a study guide designed for 50-60 minutes of class time.

Session 1: From Night to Dawn: the Stage is set for the Reformation
Session 2: From bondage to Freedom: Luther Rediscovers Grace
Session 3: From Scholar to Provocateur: Luther Takes on the Church
Session 4: From Priest to Outlaw
Session 5: From Heretic to Hero
Session 6: From Scholar to Father: The Domestic Luther
Session 7: From Simple to Complex: The New Church Finds Common Ground
Session 8: Swiss Reformation: A Rationalist’s Revolt
Session 9: Radical Reformation: Revolution and Withdrawal
Session 10: English Reformation: The Political Reformation

2018 Spring Adult Education Class
March 18th - May 20th


Small Group Option

If you would like to be in a small group you will be able to choose to either do Reformation Roots or Feasting on the Word together.

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The new Feasting on the Word Curriculum: Teaching the Revised Common Lectionary is an ecumenical resource that incorporates the uniqueness of the award-winning Feasting on the Word commentaries. This innovative resource incorporates the Feasting on the Word commentary style to explore one of the lectionary passages in ways suitable for all participants.

This curriculum begins with a solid scriptural and theological base and invites you deeper into the rhythm of the church year.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair in the Gathering Space. Get to know some new folks and catch up with old friends. Enjoy the relaxed fellowship of others in your church community. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to take part in connecting with other members of this church. No weekly commitment, no preparation involved. Just come and engage in building relationships.

Other Opportunities

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Location: Hatcher / Time: 7:30 AM / Meets Weekly / Facilitated by Dr. Catherine Taylor

We study the Bible to grow in our faith and to uncover old and new meaning in God's word. Join us as we study the week's lectionary texts together, to grow in faith,and to support one another in love.