There is a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday's at 11AM.

Anyone who would like prayer or to spend time with others praying for our community and the world are welcome.

Pray Without Ceasing...

…for Susan Shome whose husband Dilip passed away on Friday, Dec. 7;

…for Sherry Ingham’s 23-year-old nephew Jack who was leaving a work Christmas party and was attacked, hit from behind. He has a fractured skull, brain bleed, swelling and they aren’t sure if there is any spinal damage as of yet. He is in ICU at Detroit Receiving Hospital;

…for Sharon Watkins and family, following the passing of Tom Watkins in late November;

...for Edith Stockton who is dealing with health issues at home;

...for Ranae Lahn who has been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome;

...for Larry Wright, husband of Anne Wright and father of Marcia Wright and Allison Kruckow, who is in treatment for cancer;

...for missionaries who serve God's people amid dangerous times;

Continue to be in prayer for Alfred Howery, Linda Frazier, Ted Ake, Marcia Cowley, Mark Rakes, David Doherty, Anne Grover, Joan Munford, Margaret Dawson, Phyllis Hain, Wilmoth O’Dell, Carolyn White, Jackie Harder and Janice Woodard.

A Prayer for Bangladesh (December 3, 2018)

O loving God, we pray for 18-year-old Jesmine, a new mother who must return to work in a garment factory this week in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Employed in the garments industry since age eleven, she married at fourteen and now has a six-week-old baby girl.  Since the factory allows only six weeks of unpaid leave after a delivery, Jesmine will now have to leave her daughter at home each day with her mother.  With no refrigerator in their cramped, dark, and dingy rented quarters, Jesmine will not be able to leave enough breastmilk behind to feed the baby for the day; so the child will begin bottle feedings of artificial formula, drastically increasing the family’s food costs and putting the child’s life at risk because of Dhaka’s contaminated water supply.  Lord, strengthen and guide Jesmine as she returns to work, and help her daughter receive not only the safe nutrition she will need to survive but also the physical and mental stimulation she will need to thrive, we pray in the name of Christ, the Merciful.  Amen.


Written by Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Mission Co-Workers in Bangladesh

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