BPC has been sharing God grace for 184 years, one Sunday at a time. Generations of generosity formed the worship and service that thrives at BPC. As we prepare for mission and service in 2017, we invite you to respond to God’s love shared and Christ’s grace proclaimed with a generous pledge. Pledges makes it possible for the elders to plan without having to resort to guesswork, and can always be changed should your circumstances change. As you consider your financial gift, remember: costs are always on the rise. When the amount you give remains the same, the work the church can do shrinks in proportion to rising costs.  

Our goal for the 2017 budget is $540,750, a three percent increase over the $525,000 with which we hope to end this year.  We believe this is a faithful goal, in keeping with God’s calling to do all we can to fund the outreach ministries that form the heart of BPC. With joy and faithful expectation, we invite you to take your place in the story of generosity and grace that BPC has been called to tell.

Ways to Give

Click here to give by debit, credit or electronic check. By clicking the Give button above you can give using a debit, credit or electronic check.

In Person
Place tithes and offerings in the offering plate as it is passed.

In the Mail
Blacksburg Presbyterian Church
701 Church St SE
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Through your Bank
Check your bank for billpay options.

Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.
— Psalm 145:4, The Message

Dedication Day is Sunday, November 13th.

Please participate in the Dedication Service by bringing both pledge cards forward.

If you need the pledge cards, click here to download them. You may also turn in your pledges by filling out the forms below.

Generations of Generosity 2017 Pledge Card

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My Offerings of Time and Talents 2017 Card

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